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Notice on HoldingCSIA-ICCAD 2017 Annual Conference & Beijing IC Industry Innovation and Development SummitICCAD 2017


To units concerned:

As a newly-emerging industry under the Chinese national strategic planning, Integrated Circuit industry has developed into a significant foundation for national economic and social informatization. In the recent four decades, quantum leaps have been achieved in Integrated Circuit field, and thereby Integrated Circuits have developed into the core contents of information industry. Currently, the Chinese Integrated Circuit industry is being at a critical development stage, and the Chinese national government places high emphasis on the development of Chinese Integrated Circuit industry, and publishes a series of policies. The issuance of Development and Promotion Outline of National Integrated Circuit Industry, and Made in China 2025 has evoked great vitality for accomplishing leaping development of Chinese Integrated Circuit industry. At present, the Chinese Integrated Circuit industry is faced with unprecedented development opportunities. As the industrial leader, the Integrated Circuit Design industry plays a vital role in developing the Integrated Circuit industry as the major link in technical and product innovations.


In the development history of Chinese Integrated Circuit Design (IC Design) industry, the annual general meeting of Chinese IC Design industry plays a significant role in promoting industrial agglomeration, connecting industrial sources and mastering industrial trends. Over the years, the themes of annual general meetings have been closely combined with the practical development of electronic information industry in the region where the meeting was convened up. The event has greatly promoted the synchronous development of the related industries in the host region and the Chinese Integrated Circuit industry. Currently, the Chinese market shows huge and increasing demands for Integrated Circuits, especially for memories, processors and analog integrated circuits. It is both our objective and responsibility to seize the opportunity, focus on the key points, improve innovations and optimize environments for the purpose of accomplishing new leaping development of Integrated Circuit industry. As the gathering places for IC Design industry, Zhongguancun and Haidian District in Beijing will give full play to their leading and demonstrative role in industrial innovations. To this end, it is hereby decided that the CSIA-ICCAD 2017 Annual Conference & Beijing IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit will be held in Daoxianghu, Haidian District, Beijing, from 16th to 17th November, 2017.


Themed at “Driven by Innovations, Lead the Development”, this annual conference is mainly organized by Zhongguancun IC Design Park. In this annual general meeting, the Integrated Circuit industry, especially the opportunities and challenges faced by the IC Design industry, will be discussed in details in order to enhance innovation capability and improve the comprehensive capability of Chinese Integrated Circuit industrial chain, thereby satisfying the market demands and boosting international competence. The event will provide a communication and cooperation platform for the enterprises engaged in different links of Integrated Circuit industrial chain, and establish a communication platform for our peers from all over the world, related industrial associations and agency organizations to exchange information and explore cooperation with Chinese IC Design enterprises in the technology, market, application and investment fields. This annual general meeting will inject new entrepreneurship and innovation elements into Zhongguancun, and integrate the promotion of overall system linkage, application and transformation of technical achievements and demonstrations of innovation and entrepreneurship projects jointly. It strives to exhibit a magnificent Zhongguancun-characteristic industrial event for all our guests. The annual general meeting will impose a far-reaching influence on the improvement of core competence in Integrated Circuit industry and accomplish rapid large-scale industrial development.

The relevant items of ICCAD 2017 as following.


I. Directed by: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), P.R.C


II. Hosted by: China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA)

National S&T Major Project(NMP) 01 General Expert Group

Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission

Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology

Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park

Beijing Haidian Government

Zhongguancun Development Group

Capital Group


III. Supported by: Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association


IV. Organized by: China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch

Beijing Zhongguancun IC Design Park Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing IC Industry Development Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd.

Zhongguancun IC Center Beijing Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor Manufacturing North China(Beijing) Corporation

Shanghai Xinmei Conference Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yaxun Shangwu Zixun Co., Ltd.


V. Co-organized by: China Institute of Communications-ASIC Committee

China Integrated Circuit(大发888)


VI. Registration Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Conference Time: Thursday - Friday,November 16-17, 2017


VII. Registration and Conference Venue: Nirvana Resort Beijing

(Address: DaoXiangHu Road No28, HaiDian District, Beijing)


VIII. Conference Content

1. Keynote speech
(1) China IC Design Industry Current Development Situation Report

(2) Coordinate Science & Technology Resources to Realize Innovation Development Report

(3) Global IC Technology and Industry Development Trend Report


2. Seminars

l  system and IC design

l  IC design and EDA software

l  Foundry and process Technology

l  IC packaging and testing

l  IP and IC design service

l  Capital and entrepreneurship

l  Zhongguancun IC Innovation and entrepreneurship Forum


3. China IC design industry Exhibition


IX. Participants
Relevant ministries and local leaders, Relevant global and china experts, Representatives of ICCs and industry association, Domestic and foreign IC design enterprises and IP service providers, EDA, Foundry, packaging testing providers, solution and systems VCs, IC industry parks, relevant medias, etc.


X. Contacts

Ms. Shirley Hu

T: +86 21 6428 0263     F: +86 21 6469 1361

E-mail: shirleyhp@大发



The relevant organizers shall prepare well for ICCAD 2017 success.

Attached: Registration Form



China Semiconductor Industry Association
February 22, 2017



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